My favorite quote from Cesar, the dog whisperer:
When you bring a dog into your life, don’t just think of what you want from him. Think first of what you need to give this dog to make him happy under your roof. Start by thinking of your dog as an animal, then as a dog, then as a breed, then as a name, and fulfill your dog’s needs in that order. In my experience, once you have fulfilled these needs of your dog, he will automatically want to fulfill your needs in return.

Good News from happy labradoodle owners!

IMG_0378Klara is doing fabulous. Her hair is short right now but we are going to let it grow. She is so snuggly and loves to sleep in a bed with people. Her favorite game is hide and seek with Camden but she only likes the seek part.

Hope all her brothers and sisters are fine. She plays with sister Macy a few times a week; they love each other dearly!

The Weatherbees


Good morning Sue. All is well in the Emmerson household, Skimmer has definitely made her self at home. Being my first time as a puppy owner I had been braced for the worst as hearing some horrible stories, but Skimmer has been nothing but an Angel. She is VERY smart and has been very easy to train. She loves her crate and when it’s time for bed we just say Skimmer kennel up and she goes right in her crate, and is good for the night. Cheryl and I have bell trained her so when she has to go out to do her business she goes to the door and with her paw she rings the bell. This has been great she goes out side to the side of the property and does her thing and comes right back  to the  door to get her treat. Of course some of the smaller tricks like shake your paw and sit and lay down she can do as well. We are highly enjoying her and has been great company and good laughs as well, couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She sure is growing and is eating very well by this rate she is not going to be a little puppy for long. Just thought I would drop you a line with an update on our little girl.
Thank care.

Ryan & Cheryl Emmerson


Molly  is so much fun and is soooo adorable and cuddly…we just love her so much!!! Hope things are well with you, Sue.

Take care,


Cal is doing great – He has discovered how big, fast and strong he is this week, so we’re spending more time outside and a few short training session. But he loves to run like the wind and as soon as he figures out how to stop and/or turn he’ll be happy! In the mean time he is a goofy, sucky, silly puppy and I love him.


IMG_0566Hey there!. Jackson is doing very well. such a good boy. He loves his girls and Paton and me. Loves going for rides with Paton in his truck and walks down the trail by our home. He was at doggie daycare today to play with his friends, he goes for half a day a couple times a week to play. He loves other dogs.


We are so enjoying our  doodles.They have bonded like you would not believe. Finnegan is 73 pounds now and so gentle everyone loves him. Kaycee is 14 pounds and real devil,he bugs poor Finn and they play  rough but love it, so we can not complain.We thank you so much for the opportunity to have these two, we do not know what we do without them. Take care and keep in touch

Cynthia & Deb


Mason is doing well, last week he weighed 27 lbs and has now nearly tripled his weight since coming home in June. I take him for his daily walk (aka run) through Point Pleasant Park most mornings and/or evenings. He socializes well with the other dogs and loves all the attention from the two-legged varieties.
Other than that, he still spends most of the day snoozing on the deck, digging in the yard or simply relaxing under my desk while I work. He’s great in his kennel at night time and is really good at following the basic commands (sit, stay, down, paw, come, don’t pull the leash.
I still think I’ve won the puppy lottery and can’t imagine life without Mason
Warm thoughts and best wishes,

Petra, Mason and Co.


Winnie is a dream, smart and good. We went to Bonnie of K 9 puppy class Sun am. Winnie was a star. He did all the obstacles easily with treats as incentives. Hard part starts next week, exercises where he stays and we leave room etc but all puppy fun!



Cammi is doing great!! We could not have imagined a better dog for us…she is smart and sweet and adores her boys! She is pretty well house trained, with the odd accident here and there, and she is sleeping through the night. Took her to the vet last Thurs and she is 16 pounds already!!! The number one comment we get about Cammi (beside being adorable) is how calm she is…and it’s true!! She has her puppy moments of course….but there can be chaos all around at home with the boys and she takes it all in stride…usually she naps in the middle of it all Nothing seems to phase her…which is good in this house!