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About Sue Wilde and Labradoodles by Design

First Canadian Multi-Generation Labradoodle Breeder in Nova Scotia

It’s amazing what kinds of things can happen when you encounter something that charms you, and you become passionate about it! I met my first multi-generation labradoodle at a llama sale in Montana in 2005. Some friends had brought along their stunning chocolate girl and being a life long dog lover, I was taken with such a lovely dog that, by the way, looked a little like a llama with her lovely curly brown coat. Being a llama owner it seemed like this was the dog that llama people should have!

Sue WildeI have always owned German Shepherd Dogs with the top German bloodlines and llamas with top South and North American lines, so when it came to checking out the labradoodles, getting a lab and a poodle when there were already “real” mutli-generation labradoodles available, wasn’t an option. This lovely breed of non-shedding, fun-loving dog was started in Australia as an option for non-allergenic service dogs for people with allergy issues. So, I contacted Melinda Radus in Australia and when I purchased my first dog, Rose, Labradoodles by Design began. Kelly and Ranger also came from Australia and Beatrix came from Berkshire Hills Labradoodles in MA.

In 2008, I made the tough decision to retire from farming in Alberta, sell my beloved llama herd of 120, and pack up my stock trailers and my 4 dogs and head out on a life adventure. I drove 6 days across the country to the Atlantic shores of Nova Scotia! The rest, as they say, is the history of Labradoodles by Design and we became the first Canadian breeder in Atlantic Canada.

Beatrix had her first litter of 10 puppies a month after our arrival. They all sold to wonderful families so I had the confidence to move forward breeding multigenerational, Australian Labradoodles.

IMG_4237We are situated on the Bay of Fundy in the Annapolis Valley on the western shores of Nova Scotia, about 45 minutes from Halifax, Nova Scotia near the charming town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia, home to Acadia University. We have a lovely home on 4 fenced acres, which the labradoodles love to roam and hunt for unsuspecting mice!

Labradoodles by Design has provided many wonderful puppies to families in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Ontario. Alberta, and the United States, the UK and Holland. We will continue to breed the best Australian Labradoodles for our families.
Labradoodles were bred to be companion dogs and they excel at their calling. Thanks for entering our Labradoodles by Design website, we look forward to your contact. Prepared to be charmed as I was and still continue to be.

Reasons why we are passionate about Australian Multigeneration Labradoodles:

  • Allergy friendly
  • Non-shedding
  • Easy to train
  • Great family pets
  • Incredibly intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Athletic
  • Low to no odor
  • Funny and endearing
  • Beautiful
  • Easy to care for
  • Labradoodles love kids and animals
  • Playful and joyful
  • Gentle and kind
  • Willing and eager to please