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Sue Wilde

Sue Wilde

Puppies from Labradoodles by Design……

Exceptional Care…Without Exception!

Our puppies are no accident, they are “by design”!

We are a Canadian breeder located in the lovely Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia! The first multi-generation Australian Labradoodle breeder in Atlantic Canada.

Contact info: 902-542-7297, near, Wolfville, Nova Scotia! Send us an online application to let us know about the puppy you hope to add to your family. An application is required to visit our labradoodles.

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Email for driving directions to visit.

Our view of the Annapolis Valley and the Bay of Fundy is amazing and the labradoodles love our spot!

IMG_0015_2 (1)

1029_136490716501932_635245076_nWe invite families who have completed our online application to come and meet our labradoodles, they love visitors! We are 5 minutes out of Wolfville, Nova Scotia, about an hour south of Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

As with all multi-generation Australian Labradoodles, our puppies are $2275, after $225 spay/neuter discount, vet verification of spay/neuter required. Shots, micro chips, two year health warranty for heritable conditions, and a life time of support are included for you and every puppy. The $300 deposit reserves your puppy in the litter of your choice. Send by email or call with  credit card info.

Puppy delivery to Halifax area included.  Airline booking and delivery to the airport for those puppies travelling.

We place our puppies as a joint decision with me as the breeder and families, we want the right puppy to be matched with the right family.

There is very little difference in male and female puppies, both want to be loved, learn, ride in you car and share your popcorn!

We are a Canadian breeder and ship puppies to New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Ontario and all provinces in Canada, United States, Europe and the United Kingdom!


Here are our plans for future puppies. Our labradoodle parents are matched for designing the best puppies possible for health, temperament, color, and coat quality.

All our parents are health tested, CERF for eyes and OFA for hips and elbows. They are clear for most inherited conditions through testing of the parents. They have 6-7 generation pedigrees for breeding labradoodle to labradoodle so there is predictability for health, coat and temperament.

Our puppies are guaranteed low to non-shedding and guaranteed adorable!

We take  $300 deposits on our litters so that your spot in the litter is assured! Deposits are by email transfer, cash, or credit card.

You can indicate on your application the litters and their timing that would fit best for your family.

Minis: 20-28 lbs Mediums: 28-35 lbs Large mediums: 35-45  Small standards 40-50 lbs

LbyD Roxie

LbyD Roxie

Penny’s girl sweet  Roxie, is a clone of her mother. Her puppies last year were super sweet just like them and we are expecting her next litter of puppies to be the same:) She has had her dates with Colonel Mustard so looking for red and white puppies in early November, guaranteed adorable! One reservation available. Their puppies will be 25-30 lbs. Large minis.
Roxie’s Page
Colonel Mustard’s Page

LbyD Annie

LbyD Annie

Annie is is the super cute daughter of our handsome Mister Spock. Caper’s puppies are amazing so their puppies will be too. She should come into heat in August for fall puppies. Three reservations available. Large minis 25-30lbs.
Annie’s Page
Caper’s Page

LbyD Waverly

LbyD Waverly

LbyD Waverly

Waverly’s mom, Buttons is so cute, we call her “the cutest dog e ever” so how can Waverly be any less cute! She is will have mini puppies 25 +, super cute. She will be due later November. 1 reservations available.
Waverly’s Page
Caper’s Page

LbyD Topaz

LbyD Topaz

LbyD Topaz

Topaz is have her second litter of puppies! Her fist litter was so stunning we have high hopes for her puppies with Caper to be the same. Reserve your puppies arriving mid November! 3 reservations availalbe. Puppies will be 30-35 lbs, small mediums.
Topaz’s Page
Caper’s Page

As with all multi-generation Australian Labradoodles, our puppies are $2275 after $225 spay/neuter discount . Shots, micro chips, and two year health guarantee for heritable conditions,  guarantee for non-shedding coats and most important, guaranteed adorable! First and early crosses can not offer this!

 Why labradoodles?

They are funny, smart, devoted, clean, non-shedding and adorable!

Love is all you need….