LbyD Josee


LbyD Josee

(LyD Bailey X LbyD Sawyer)

May 11, 2013

Isn’t she adorable! The best of our lines are here! Mom,Bailey, is a Beatrix/Mack daughter and we love Sawyer. She had the star power out of a litter of 11, Bea’s last hoorah! Sawyer was the perfect match for Bailey.  From her first litter with Gibson we kept back two gorgeous girls  Pepper and Macey.  Her mom,Arlene is an amazing painter and Josee is the official greeter of her gallery. On the Links page you can get to Arlene’s gallery where you can book a unique portrait of your labradoodle .

Josee “found her thrill on blueberry hill” with Arlene and Corlis on their wild blueberry farm near Parsborro, NS.