Girl Designers

Our girls work so hard to “design” the loveliest labradoodle puppies. We appreciate their love and devotion to their puppies so they can join their families as happy and cared for as possible. It takes a great mother to love all her children at once and when 8 hungry babies all want dinner…. well we appreciate their willingness to cook!

LbyD Bellatrix
LbyD Piper P
LbyD Haven
LbyD Mocha
LbyD Charlie
LbyD Waverly
LbyD Waverly
LbyD Skye
LbyD Pepper
LbyD Macey
LbyD Roxie
LbyD Sybil
LbyD Topaz
LbyD Topaz
LbyD Nova
LbyD Juno
LbyD Piper
LbyD Patsy
LbyD Maude
LbyD Annie