Happy Wedding

Our home page this month is celebrating the wedding of Haley Woodworth, daughter of Frank and Tina. Charli, Beatrix Grand daughter, had 12 and 15 puppies! and is happily retired with Haley and Taylor Hardy in Calgary.

It’s summer!

Check out our gallery for some fun summer shots our families have sent us:)

July Home Page

Thanks to Iona for boarding Rafa while he waited to fly to England to join Royal Reds breeding program. He is the new King of England in the Labradoodle world! Thanks to Kim for choosing our stunning Penny X Colonel Mustard boy!

Steve and Donna TV

Hi, Steve and Donna have a Youtube channel and filmed their family visit to meet their puppy. Haven. I wasn’t there as I was off delivering Charlie’s puppies but they had a great visit and Kelly and Penny were their hosts. Enjoy their visit!

January 2017!

We all have a chance to add some adventure to your lives in 2017! A grand adventure is a new puppy !

Thanks so much to all our puppy families from 2016, we love all the pics and updates. Our two litters on the go now are with Skye and Brooklyn and they will join their new families in March. Check the up coming litters page for puppy adventures that await 🙂

Spring is coming!

Dottie and Heughan had 7 lovely puppies! They head home May 20th. We are breeding Kirby and Gibson this week and Izzie and Rubin next week. So things are happening  here at Labradoodles by Design!



October Home Page

Thanks to Karin Buhramann for this gorgeous picture of Roxie from the Fab 15! Here she is in Pincher Creek, AB on a crisp fall day.



Whose Shoes!

The home page pic follow up! The shoes are off and look who is wearing them!IMG_1571

Latte has 8 puppies with Finley!

Welcome to Latte’s 8 lovely puppies! 2 creams, 6 chocolates. 4 girls and 4 boys.  Mother and babies are doing great. We started at 4:30 am and were done by 10:30 am. Thanks Latte and Finley!

our new home page pic!

martinsMarc Martin and his family are the hosts of our January home page pic! Here are the faces that go with their shoes! They love their puppy Jesse, she is perfect for the girls.