Happy Families

My favorite quote from Cesar, the dog whisperer:
When you bring a dog into your life, don’t just think of what you want from him. Think first of what you need to give this dog to make him happy under your roof. Start by thinking of your dog as an animal, then as a dog, then as a breed, then as a name, and fulfill your dog’s needs in that order. In my experience, once you have fulfilled these needs of your dog, he will automatically want to fulfill your needs in return.

Good News from happy labradoodle owners!

Thank u for the sweetest boy in the world. I finally get it. What you said to me when I said I want a boy with… and you said most people just want a puppy. After being part of your site for three years. That’s what I would have said now too. They are all perfect. He fills my heart everyday. I’m so glad you do what you do. This breed is amazing. You make so many people happy. Have a great weekend.

Chris Brewer

Bailey is such a blessing to our family. We adore him. Just wanted to give u a little update on him. He’s beyond spoiled and growing like a trooper ❤️Thanks for helping us pick the perfect pup for our family. We can’t imagine not having him ❤️

~Sheila Leyte

We love our Archie. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to own one of your loving little fur babies. We are smitten with him and can’t imagine ever not having him. He is thriving and everybody in town knows him, lol… my daughter is seriously considering submitting her name for  one. She is hoping to move into a house next year where she can have a backyard and a doggy to go in it.🙂 

Thank you again. Take care and stay safe.

Heather and Don Burchill 

Hi Sue, 
Quick message to say Louie is doing well. We comment often on what a good pup he is! He walks well on leash, has great recall off leash, seldom barks, is very trustworthy in the house. He is happy and loving and a great companion! 
He has several pup friends to play with and loves his daily walks….during which he loves to run down through the water filled ditches and get filthy 😂
He is a wonderful dog! Thank you for your great breeding program! 

Carol (and Louie)

Hi Sue,

I am just sending a little note to let you know how much we are in love with Willow (Mallory). She is the sweetest little puppy – very very cuddly, quite calm, but very happy to play all kinds of energetic games with my youngest son (age 10). She is sleeping through the night already, and I get to enjoy my morning coffee with her on my lap. My kids love having her with them while they do homework/watch TV, and she she loves chasing tennis balls in our backyard with them. Essentially, she is proving to be a perfect addition to our family life. 

Her personality has far exceeded our expectations and she is making many of our friends want to get a dog 🙂

I feel so lucky that she was available ahead of our summer schedule, it feels like she was meant to be ours. 

Thanks again!