Guardian Program

A guardian is a special family. As we like to have all our puppies be a star in a wonderful family we  place our future breeding puppies with families who can care for them in that special way and when they grow up they can still be a part of our “Designer Breeding Program”. Check out the info if you think your family would like to be a forever home for one of our puppies.

Guardian Home Information

A guardian home is a local family who is a forever home for one of the dogs . Only so many dogs can fit on our lap!

Our breeding program is designed around our ability to utilize guardian homes for our breeding dogs. This program is designed this way to benefit everyone, especially and most importantly the dogs, who are raised in a home with a family instead of a kennel. Think of it as being a foster family  who adopts the dog permanently once their career is finished. Guardian homes are meant to be permament so that the dog does not need to go through re-homing. The dogs are placed at a reduced price and you are compensated when we use the dog in our program.

Labradoodles by Design retains ownership and breeding rights until the breeding contract is fulfilled. We want all of our dogs to be in a loving “forever” home. It is a win, win for everyone, most importantly the dog. Also, if Labradoodles by Design is available, we will in-home board the dogs  if time allows.

Most of the dogs in our guardian homes will be females but we  have a male from time to time available. Females will have 2 to 3 litters raised at my home.  Males stay at home and we make “visits” to them. They can be in our program for up to 4-5 years (at the sole discretion of Labradoodles by Design).

Guardian families are responsible for normal dog care including but not limited to training, socialization, vet expenses (non-breeding related), food, grooming and lots of love and affection. Labradoodles by Design pays for all breeding related expenses.

Requirements / Responsibilities
• Location, location, location – must be within 1-2 hours of Wolfville/Halifax, Nova Scotia.
• Own your home
• Fenced yard (physical fence), but we will consider Invisible Fencing and can be flexible with the type of home and property.
• Flexible schedule. Carry health insurance.
• Keep female dogs away from intact male dogs when in season/no dog parks
• Not allow intact males to breed intact females
• Training – at least 1 class preferably  a puppy class and an obedience class.
Notify us immediately when dog is in season
• Visit our home periodically to ensure the dog is comfortable when dog comes for breeding / whelping
• Make  the dog available to Labradoodles by Design as needed for health testing, breedings, whelpings, and photo shoots

All guardian dogs must have a collar and tags, micro chip tag and name tag on at all times.

We will do a home visit before placing a guardian puppy. We will ask you to visit our home periodically to ensure the dog is comfortable when he/she comes for breeding and whelping. You will be responsible for sending pictures when requested for website and Facebook updates and we will come to your home for photos for fun visits.

Labradoodles by Design whelps all puppies at their home. The girls have a separate area just for them.  You may visit your dog and meet her puppies. Males we visit your home for “dates”.

The cost of a dog in our guardian program is a much reduced price.

We appreciate our guardians and fully support them.
Contact us for a copy of our guardian family contract.