Retired Designers

Thanks to our labradoodles who have achieved the status of “free and easy” When you are checking out parents and grand parents you can see the Designers of the foundation of our program here at Labradoodles by Design

LbyD Gizelle
Harmony’s Miss Fundy
Sunset Hills Kelly
Berkshire Hills Beatrix
LbyD Desiah
LbyD Sawyer
Dare to Dream Mack
LbyD Finley
LbyD Lucy Maud
Double Doodles by Design Latte!
LbyD Sophie
LbyD Charli
LbyD Daisy
Sunset Hills Ranger
LbyD Gabby
Golden Xpress Duncan
LbyD Izzie
LbyD Bailey
Golden Belle Rubin
LbyD Claire
LbyD Lilly
LbyD Tilly
LbyD Avonlee
Twice is Nice Flannery
LbyD Dottie
LbyD Elle Woods
LbyD Skeeter
Puppy Love’s Un-Dante
LbyD Walter
LbyD Bessie
LbyD Buttons
LbyD Kirby
LbyD Penny
LbyD Josee
Scotia Doodle’s Gibson
LbyD Eddie
LbyD Ruby
Puppy Love’s Brooklyn
LbyD Sadie
LbyD Karma
LbyD Poppy
LbyD Jamie Fraser
Country Island Everleigh
Colonel Mustard
Berkshire Hills Russell Crowe
LbyD Skye
LbyD Roxie
LbyD Sybil
LbyD Piper
LbyD Pepper
LbyD Macey
LbyD Topaz
LbyD Topaz
LbyD Gilroy (Gillie)
LbyD Bellatrix
LbyD Waverly
LbyD Waverly
LbyD Maude
LbyD Mocha
LbyD Charlie
LbyD Annie
LbyD Spotify
Mr. Spock
LbyD Heughan
LbyD Nova
LbyD Khloe
LbyD Julia Child
LbyD Bella
LbyD Emeril
LbyD Patsy
LbyD Penelope
LbyD Penelope
LbyD Piper P
LbyD Shop Girl
LbyD Conista
LbyD Conista
Dream Doodles Swirl
LbyD California
LbyD California
LbyD Freya
LbyD Juno
LbyD Mustang Sally
LbyD Captain Marvel
Sunvalley Caper
Sunvalley Caper
LbyD Beach Boy
LbyD Myra
LbyD Spot On
LbyD Spot On
LbyD Haven
LbyD Cher
LbyD Cher
LbyD Gladys
LbyD Gladys
LbyD Rudy
LbyD Marley
LbyD Odie
LbyD Odie
LbyD Island Girl