Puppy Details

  1. Food: Puppy NOW! made by Petcurean. It’s available at better pet stores, Global is always a good choice. Good quality canned food with water to moisten. The only grocery store canned food I like is from Super Store, Nutrition First. All the others have meat bi-products.
  2. The puppies are eating at a7:00, 2:00 and 7:00. You can make your own schedule that fits for you. They may eat more or less at a sitting. I leave the food out for about half and hour and then put the left overs in the fridge. You will see how much is the right amount to feed by what is gobbled up and what is left over. Start out with 3/4 of a cup with a bit of water and a quarter of a can of canned food mixed in. Boiled chicken thighs, liver, chicken livers are good on the food too. Hamburger is usually a hit!
  3. Buy large water and food dishes.
  4. Rice is pooped out!
  5. Ears: always smell your puppie’s ears, if they smell a bit yeasty they need cleaning. It’s a good idea to clean every couple of weeks. I used the round cosmetic pads. When the puppies are little soak the pad and clean the ear. As they get older you can put the cleaner in the ear and wipe out.
  6. Eyes: your puppy doesn’t tear but it will get little beads of dry eye mucous in the corners. When I am petting and playing I take a hold of it and pull it out quickly or brush it out quickly and the don’t even know they have had their eyes cleaned.
  7. Teeth: you can teach your puppy to have it’s teeth cleaned but feeding good quality food and giving raw bones to chew on works well tool
  8. Toe Nails: trim often to keep the vein or quick short. You can do this your self with good quality clippers. I like to have some one hold the puppy and then clip away. You may need treats to distract them but generally they do well with clipping if it’s done on a regular basis.
  9. Grooming: you can comb and brush your puppy often so it likes it and doesn’t get matted. I cut the bangs straight across and trim the ears and around the feet. Keep the tail brushed out. This way when you go to the groomer they don’t have to cut or shave your dog’s head and tail so it looks like a poodle. Be insistent with the groomer, no poodle cut!
  10. Puppies sleep a lot! They like quiet times and play times. The hate the direct sun until they are much older. Don’t over exercise on long walks. Until your second set of shots at 12 weeks, socialize you puppy but not where there are a lot of “unknown” dogs.
  11. Quality time is what will make your puppy the happiest! Toys don’t play with themselves.
  12. Keep you puppy’s sleeping area cushy and clean.
  13.  Contact a vet  you know or are referred to.
  14.  Have a collar and leash ready. Small collar for a small dog. Round leashes are much easier on your hands. They will not be used to a collar and may scratch at it. I put the leash on and let them drag it around for awhile, not getting caught on anything!, to get used to it being attached. It will be a few lessons before walking well with you  on a leash.
  15. Dog Proof your home! Put away things you don’t want the puppy to chew on, keep away unsafe items like electrical cords or cleaners. Block off areas that you want to keep the puppy out of unless you are with it. Keeping the puppy out of an area that you are in will be stressful for it. Your puppy lives with you but must be safe and reliable. Check out plants that are not safe. Put shoes away!
  16.  Have lots of toys, chewys etc around for you puppy to have fun with and then they are more likely to chew on them rather than your furniture.
  17.  Get a name tag made. Most pet stores make tags.
  18. Make a schedule that works for your puppy and your family.  Decide who will be responsible for  feeding, clean water, house training, walking, clean up, grooming. Post the schedule so that everyone is a part of the puppy’s life.
  19. Good books: The Puppy Primer by Patricia McConnell and Living with kids and dogs by Colleen Pelar.
  20. Have your stain and odor remover handy at all times for clean ups!

Ticks can be a very dangerous part of summer! Revolution, Advantix ect.. are very important. I had a tick bite me and it turned into cellulitis, a mild form of flesh eating disease, quel nightmare and lots of anti-biotics!