Puppy Placement

IMG_0004It is our goal to place the right puppy with the right family.
We place our puppies with families according to the order that the deposit for a puppy comes in and also by the nature, size and color and coat type that is the best fit for each family. One familie’s first pick is not another families pick. It always seems that families have the right puppy for them. We do not place puppies with families until around 6 weeks. Up until placement, families must be like me and “love them all”

As the breeder, I will always have first pick of the litter if I am retaining a puppy for my program.

IMG_8639Families may visit the puppies by appointment after 6 weeks of age. Puppies at this age like quiet, calm visits but by 7 or 8 weeks they are ready for play time!

Regular emails will come with pics of your puppy’s progress.

Your puppy will have it’s first set of shots, health exam and micro chipping a few days before it comes home. It will join you around 8 weeks of age.

In your puppy folder with be the vet shot record, a tag that corresponds to the micro chip and a form the will be sent into the micro chip company with all you current info recorded on it. There will be some puppy info and suggestions.

Your puppy has a two year health warranty against any heritable conditions. It is from health tested parents but the unforeseen can arise. A vet appt within 2-4 days of getting your puppy is required. If your finds the puppy unfit for sale during the first 72 hours the puppy may be returned at the buyer’s expense. Unfit for sale on account of an injury sustained or illness contracted after the sale of the puppy does not qualify.
A health warranty will accompany  your puppy which outlines the guidelines for proper care of your puppy which will be required for the health warranty to be applied.

I am always available for questions and advice. If you puppy is flying, I make the airline reservation and deliver it to the airport. I will pay for the crate and flight which you will then reimburse me for the cost.

You have filled out an application which indicates the litter of puppies that you would like to get a puppy from which gives you an idea of size, color, and coat type. It is not possible to select a puppy like it is from  Amazon 🙂 What the dog angel sends us is what our devoted mothers will have to offer. If sex or color are not negotiable it will be more difficult to place a puppy with your family. Male and female puppy labradoodles have very similar temperaments and one is as easy to love as the other.
At the end of the day, you are getting a puppy, not a color and not a sex. It wants to be loved, ride in your car and eat your hot air popcorn!
You are the center of your puppies universe!