With the speed of a click there is a world of info available about dogs! Links to some respected breeders I have worked with, links to health sites, training sites, groomers, vets, day cares are here for your enjoyment and use.

Scotia Doodles (Scotia Doodles and I are partners on some of our breeding dogs.)

Country Lane Island Doodles (Wendy and I are partners on some of our breeding dogs.)

JollyTails (Daycare, Grooming, and Training in Halifax)

Discovering Labradoodles (This site has a lot of great information about dogs) breeder page (Breeder Recommendations from the same site as above)

PAW Club

Pet Planner

Before You Get Your Puppy (ebook)

After You Get Your Puppy (ebook)

The Puppy Primer (Book on early training)

Way To Go! (Booklet on how to house train a dog of any age)

Socializing Your Puppy (eHow Article)

Roselawn Lodging (A local place to stay that is very pet friendly)

Arlene Collins (Pet and Wildlife Artist)

Cesar’s Way

Dr. Becker, Holistic Vet

10 Signs Your Dog Needs Vet Care

Dental Care for Pets

10 Healthiest Dog Breeds

Rens Pet Supplies (shop online: grooming tools like scissors, clippers, all other dog needs)

Trupanion (Pet Insurance)

Dog Food Analysis (To pick the right dog food)

Raw Dog Food

And if you come to see our puppies, check out our neighborhood!