Day 1 with your New Puppy

Your puppy is coming home today!!

It will be a little scared!

It is used to a family of many brothers and sisters

It will need lots of cuddles, support and love

It will like to explore a little, play a little and sleep a lot!

It will get lonely and cry so cuddle and comfort!

I strongly recommend that for the first couple of days, your puppy spends time with just your family so it learns where it is now and who his safe people are so that when he is scared he knows where safety is. If you have an existing dog give the puppy some time to settle in with out it and then monitor them closely. Your dog may think this is a new toy and be too rough so keep an eye on them.

Soak the dry food for  in hot water until it is a bit soft and add  a couple of table spoons of canned food and serve! I like to add a bit of hemp or salmon oil. Feeding should be morning, noon, later afternoon and evening as your puppy is hungry. Start out with about 1/2-3/4 of a cup of dry food and increase or decrease as needed. It has been eating out of big bowls with the family so will need to learn to eat on its own now.

Your puppy is pretty good on pee pads, and is getting the idea of going outside when given the chance.  You might want to leave a puppy pad near your door for awhile or if you are very diligent you can take it out every hour or so. Always after waking up and  a short while after eating! The bladder control on a puppy develops slowly! be patient and consistent. They will catch onto pooping out doors sooner than peeing. You can put a pee pad in their ex pen as well.

Pick up puppies under the tummy and support the bum, hold close so they feel secure. Don’t lift by the front legs, little joints are slow to grow and be strong. Give this instruction to your family and friends. Your puppy bites! it bites toys, you, hard cookies because it is teething and busy. Wear shoes or slippers, socks and children long sleeves for the first while. When the baby teeth fall out in a couple of months biting stops. Give them something else to chew on besides you! Some butter on your hands will encourage licking rather than biting. Worth a try!

Stairs should be for when he is a little older, walks should be short and interesting. Meeting other dogs should be safe and if the other dog is older and bigger don’t let your puppy be its toy.

Your puppy’s name is music to his ears! Always say it in a positive tone and not as a correction. Imagine your name being called in a negative way, soon you would’t like to hear it anymore. There is the old joke about the two dogs meeting on the street, the first on says,” Hi,  my name is bad dog”, the second one says, “ Hi, my name is go lie down”.

Hey! is a great word to correct and get attention.

Don’t leave your puppy unattended for long! They are not used to being alone. They will be happiest sleeping by your bed and where ever you are during the day. Use your exercise pen it is so handy, you can leave food, water. lots of toys, and always the big cuddly toy.
Always go outside with your puppy, never leave it unattended.

Don’t trust your existing dog with it unsupervised, it is no match for an older friend.

My favorite advice from Cesar, the dog whisperer:
When you bring a dog into your life, don’t just think of what you want from him. Think first of what you need to give this dog to make him happy under your roof. Start by thinking of your dog as an animal, then as a  dog, then as a breed, then as  a name, and fulfill your dog’s needs in that order. In my experience, once you have fulfilled these needs of your dog, he will automatically want to fulfill your needs in return.

Call if any concerns arise!

Have a wonderful day with your new puppy! It will love you forever……. You are his world.